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Genre: Rock
Region: Melbourne, AUSTRALIA 

Their sound envelops you. The heavy riffs keep you grounded while soaring vocals hang above. Warm drums and thick bass wrap you up and even if wiggling free were possible, you wouldn’t want to. Kingswood is the best of what rock n’ roll has to offer.

The four-piece indie rock band from Melbourne, Australia have released 5 singles to critical acclaim, all of them supported heavily on Australian radio. The band is quickly gaining popularity amongst a vast group of listeners thanks to their authentic sound and support slots with heavyweights like internationally famed Aerosmith.

It’s no wonder Kingswood find themselves so busy, their songs go down the path of gritty glory. Anything but predictable, the music is a mix of love, sweat, and rambunctiousness. It’s the kind of sound that has you cranking the stereo to 11, even if the repercussion is a significant loss of hearing. It’s worth it to hear vocalist Fergus Linacre’s Bon Scott-esque battle cry, or melt into the gain saturated tone of Alex Laska’s guitar. Bassist Mango Hunter and drummer Justin Debrincat hold everything together and add fullness to each note. The result is what makes them one of Australia’s best new bands.

Kingswood just finished recording their debut album in Nashville, USA with Vance Powell (Jack White / Kings of Leon) and will tour extensively both locally and internationally in 2014 to support their debut album release.

At Audiofly, we appreciate Kingswood’s music, their dedication, and their facial hair. Expect to see a lot more of these guys with the release of their debut album.

Fergus Linacre - vocals
Alex Laska - guitar
Mango Hunter - bass
Justin Debrincat - drums




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